Ponder’s First Pep Rally of the Year


Mallorie Joplin, Reporter

It’s Pep Rally time Lions! During 9th period, on August 27th, 2021 Ponder had one of the best pep rallies to kick off the season with a win! Hosted by the PHS Cheerleaders and Joe Green, the crowd was screaming and chanting as we had amazing speeches from Coach Cooper Mr. Jones, and Coach Clements. The cheerleaders performed some amazing cheers and stunts, too. After that, the football boys  put on an entertaining show for everyone dancing to a variety of different songs. Then the Ponder Legacies put on an awesome performance that wowed the crowd, showing off their hard work! The game pitted the classes against each other trying to knock down flags with pantyhose on their heads with tennis balls inside.  Hannah Jackson won for the seniors.  Coach Clements introduced a new tradition known as the “Red Sea”.  The students sway back and forth to what else, the “Sway”, and then suddenly Moses appears and parts the Red Sea.  It is a cool new tradition that had the student body pumped.  The homecoming nominees were announced, too.  We have an article in this edition dedicated to them, and the spirit stick winners were the seniors. Lastly in a moment of school pride, students huddled together and song the Alma mater!