We Were Born to Wear Crowns


Front row: Kara Barreraz, Kassi Ballard, Alicia Izaguirre Back row: Joe Green, Luke Moser, Juke Kelley

Mrs. Josselet , adviser

This year’s Homecoming court has been announced.  First up we have our King and Queen nominees which will be chosen from the following seniors:

Joe Green and Kara Barreraz

Juke Kelley and Alicia Izaguirre

Kassi Ballard and Luke Moser

Next up are our Prince and Princess nominees:

Junior nominees: Carlos Ochoa and Jada Tropser

Sophomore nominees: Tucker Thompson and Jo Stehlick

Freshman nominees: Corban Gragg and Heather Crumpton

Don’t miss the crowning ceremonies at halftime on Friday, September 10th.