Summer Birthdays

Summer Birthdays

Walsh Guajardo , reporter

Happy Birthday to all the students who had a summer birthday!

Kelsey Haynes – June 1st

Kelli Muncy – June 1st

Alexander Dudley – June 2nd

Sky Wersal – June 3rd

Sara Colon – June 6th

Danika Domek – June 7th

Oliver Juarez – June 8th

Austin VanZuiden – June 8th

Sydney Ray – June 12th

Adeline Gammons – June 14th

Steven Pile – June 14th

Gerardo Martinez – June 15th

Henry McLarty – June 15th

Haley Voelkel – June 15th

Alexander Landham – June 16th

Campbell Laney – June 16th

Synphanie Dennis – June 17th

Brigitte Tepezano – June 18th

Alexis Vega – June 18th

Shelby Aja – June 21st

Lucy Davis – June 21st

Lizbeth Fernandez – June 21st

Gabriel Cortez – June 22nd

Cooper Perkins – June 22nd

Alaric Sillers – June 22nd

Sara Trakas – June 22nd

Ayden Capshaw – June 23rd

Jillian Roberts – June 23rd

Ava Brower – June 24th

Patrick Sorensen – June 24th

Destiny Wolf – June 25th

Jaydehn Ayala-Gripe – June 27th

Melody Derden – June 27th

Karly Ivy – June 28th

Sawyer Wilkinson – June 28th

Kennedy DeVoe – June 29th

Rainey Edwards-Nelson – June 29th

Brandon Wright – June 29th

Johnathan Arellano – June 30th

Mitchell Fomby – June 30th

Brayden Annis – July 1st

William Cassady – July 2nd

Victoria Roberts – July 2nd

Judith Garcia – July 3rd

Alexis Martinez – July 5th

Tucker Thompson – July 5th

Keegan Fain – July 6th

Anja Hendon – July 6th

Delaney Jackson – July 6th

Mason McShan – July 7th

Luis Alacron-Martinez – July 8th

John McEwen – July 8th

Collin Ussery – July 8th

Valeria Valdez – July 8th

Presley Calhoun – July 11th

Jordan Harris – July 11th

Lisa Marion – July 11th

Karla Ramirez – July 11th

Gavin Roque – July 11th

Ethan Ford – July 13th

Makayla Cline – July 14th

Landon Hardin – July 14th

Cashous McDonald – July 14th

Bobby Rushing – July 14th

Devyn Weiland – July 15th

Kale Jones – July 16th

Carmen Mejia – July 16th

Neveth Mejia – July 16th

Alexis Santillan – July 17th

Kaleb Schindler – July 17th

Nicholas Fagullar – July 18th

James Hall – July 20th

Daphnee Wilson – July 20th

Amylia West – July 21st

Timber Crider – July 22nd

Jayda Snodgrass – July 25th

Holden Elimon – July 26th

Emily McGee – July 26th

Kalyn Wells – July 26th

Noah Lowe – July 27th

Bryonna Parr – July 27th

Isaiah Smith – July 27th

Joaquin Escamilla – July 28th

Kaylin Morrison – July 28th

Kyden Myers – July 28th

Hunter Anthony – July 31st

Aubrey Johnson – July 31st

Kylie Watt – July 31st

Christian Jaramillo – August 1st

Jacob Morrow – August 1st

Addison Pickering – August 1st

Taylor Weiland  – August 2nd

Turner Alexander – August 4th

Colby Murphey – August 4th

Karen Tellez – August 7th

Andres Vasquez – August 7th

Annette Arellano-Agreda – August 8th

Peter Bonenberger – August 8th

Johnathan Brown – August 8th

Corben Hood – August 8th

Ian Morgan – August 8th

Anahi Cordova – August 8th

Philomina Klotz – August 9th

Jorge Cabrera – August 10th

Brandon Irons – August 10th

Jose Avila – August 11th

Leonardo Huerta – August 11th

Molly Escamilla – August 12th

DIllen McFarland – August 12th

Charles Marks – August 13th

Jorin Roberts – August 13th

Samantha Burns – August 14th

Brooke York – August 15th

Christian Hester – August 16th

Alicia Izaguirre – August 16th

Grace McDaniel – August 16th

Melanie Rincon – August 16th

Savannah Schwarz – August 16th

Brannock Sorensen – August 16th

Connor Brown – August 19th

Issac Ramirez – August 20th

Andrew Rodriguez – August 22nd

Ashtyn Castillo – August 24th

Clifton Cooper – August 24th

Jayci Richardson – August 25th

Hayden Taylor – August 26th

LiLee Newbanks – August 27th

Lilly Davis – August 28th

Lynnmarie Geertje – August 29th

Luke Tipton – August 29th