Coach Ryan is Roaring Like a Lion


Kylie Brinkman, Reporter

Ponder had a new Incoming coach/JH teacher Coach Terry Ryan.  Coach Ryan previously taught at Collinsville ISD before coming to Ponder.  Coach Ryan says that his favorite thing about his job is getting to be an influence on his students and athletes. He is super excited to get his athletes fired up for the year, and making them the best Lions they can possibly be! He is excited to give his students the best education and knowledge they can get about Texas History. He is also excited for the new start to the Ponder Lions football team, and what Coach Sharr and Coach Cooper are going do for our team. Not only that, but he is also pumped to get to help the wonderful Coach Mitchell Rose continue Ponder’s great basketball program. Coach Ryan is married to Jill Ryan, and they have been married for 33 years! Mr. Ryan has 3 children. Reed(30) is a diesel mechanic in the U.S. Army. Rana(26), is a Registered Nurse. Rhett(21) is a student at Texas Wesleyan where he plays nose guard on the football team and is majoring in journalism. Coach Ryan is a very positive, kind, enthusiastic person, and we are super excited to see his impact here at PHS.