PHS Students Shine at Academic Awards, Glisson is Teacher of the Year


Mrs. Josselet, adviser

On Thursday, May 13th, PHS held its annual academic awards ceremony to recognize stellar achievement in each subject, attendance, overall achievement, academic UIL, and community service. Organizations such as PALs, Student Council, and Spanish Club were also recognized.  There were many on hand to collect awards while the whole high school was recognized as one of the top high schools in the state of Texas.  This was evident as awards were handed out for academic excellence to so many well-deserving students.  There were quite a few “A” honor roll and perfect attendance awards- too many to list here.  The  “AB” honor roll list is even longer with those being handed out during the school day.  The ceremony ended with the Teacher of the Year, Tina Glisson, being recognized for not only her excellence in the classroom, but her willingness to go above and beyond each and every day (including Saturdays!) for her students.  Be sure and congratulate this wonderful teacher when you see her in the halls!   The following students were recognized for their academic excellence:

Accounting- Caitlyn Brown, Payton Coffey                         Audio/Video- Nathanlie Ortega

Graphic Design-Kelsey Haynes, Bodi Gill                           Money Matters-Kenedy Devoe, Connor Brown

Newspaper-Grace Odunaiya, Gabby Sharp                         PIT 1- Addison Pickering, Justin Smith

Yearbook- Jamie Low                                                               English 1- Luke Tipton, Payton Maitland

Honors English 1- Kamilah Jimenez, Collin Ussery          English 2- Yadhira Alvarez, Zane Cassidy

Honors English 2- Magen Dow, Ruben Martinez              English 3- Shelby MacGruder, Bodi Gill

English 4-Cassidy Norris                                                         Art- Anna Glisson

Advanced Art-Jessica Allen                                                    Band- Evan Vanatta, Nicholas Nguyen

Choir- Bodi Gill, Rachel Boyd                                                Music Appreciation-Hanna Zimmerman

Debate- Eleanor Larson                                                          Drama-Kayden Harrison, Alex Washburn

One Act Play- Nick Tichenor, Jo Stehlik                              Spanish 1- Anna Glisson, Addison Pickering

Spanish 2-(Youssef)- Emily McGee, Miguel Carrillo        Spanish 2 (Davis)- Collin Wallace, Jessica Allen

Spanish 3- Kelsey Haynes, Lilly Keck, Evan Vanatta        Government- Cassidy Norris

Economics- Kobe Martin                                                        Geography- Addison Pickering, Mason Hodges

US History- Gabby McEwen, Destiny Wolf                         World History- Jo Stelik

Adv. World History- Max Hutcherson                                  Health- Jada Tropser, Alec Saltzman

Speech- Bodi Gill, Devyn Weiland                                          Algebra 1- Grace McDaniel, Colby Murphey, Renata Rod Zarzoza

Honors Alg. 1- Oliver Juarez                                                    Honors Alg. 2- Conner Brown

Algebra 2- Bodi Gill, Destiny Wolf                                          Pre Cal- Gabby Taitano

Honors Pre-Cal – Clay Akins, Tyler Akins                             Calculus-Dallas Howard

Geometry (Hacker)-Alexander Torres                                   Honors Geometry- Addison Pickering

Geometry (Cochrum)- Kimberli Sandoval, Blaine Burr     Math Models- Nick Andrews

Statistics- Kobe Martin                                                              Anatomy-Jessica Allen, Abel Gallardo

Biology (Box)-Rachel Boyd                                                       Honors Biology- Collin Wallace, Addison Pickering

Biology (Espolt)- Tucker Thompson, Kassidy Nichols        Chemistry- Blaine Burr

Honors Chemistry- Kelsey Haynes                                          OnRamps Chemistry- Evan Vanatta

Forensics- Evan Vanatta                                                            IPC- Brigham Gammons, Kimberli Sandoval

Physics- America Jimenez, Casey Conner                              Citizenship Award- Dallas Howe