In 10 Years…

In 10 Years...

Kelli Muncy, Reporter

The Class of 2021 were asked to share where they see themselves in the future, and these were some of the responses:

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Sydne Jones: I see myself pursuing my chosen career. I also see myself living in a cabin in the middle of the forest somewhere beautiful.

Caitlyn Brown: Working as either a CPA or Financial Attorney, probably married and looking to start a family.

Alexandria Washburn: Teaching in the US somewhere that is really pretty, and living in a cabin surrounded by trees. Maybe on the West Coast, who knows?

Hailey Crumpton: With Jada Trosper living on a Ranch raising our barn babies.

Averee Tipton: Probably traveling for my job as a traveling nurse and getting really really rich. Maybe married if the man I choose if lucky enough.

Harper Mulkey: Making lots of money

Alexa Garner: Living in South Korea with my best friend.

Grace-Ifelola Oduinaiya: I see hopefully married, maybe thinking about having kids and working as a dance teacher.

Claire Porter: I see myself married to an older rich man and being a hot stepmom to his kids. Or married to Robert Irwin, these are the only two options.

Brayan: I see me chillin at home playing pool

Payslee Meroney: Graduated from college, be married, have children, and building my dream home.

Braidyn Burr: In tens years I see myself married with kids

Gabriele Taitano: I see myself working at an OB/GYN office most likely with one of two kids. I will be living in an apartment (maybe a house) with my significant other working my way up in life.

Trent Bellows: Famous

Alejandra Martinez: Working in my dream job as a pediatrician.

Dallas Howard: In a classroom teaching and inspiring students.

Kobe Martin: As an engineer for BNSF with a house away from people and a garage with a vehicle lift.

Gracie Perryman: In trouble somewhere with Averee calling Harper to help us out

Joanna Gonzalez: I see myself having a good paying job, and my own house.