Seniors Remember the Good Times

Seniors Remember the Good Times

As the class of 2021 leaves us, they wanted to share some of their favorite memories.

Claire- Lunch Junior year 2021 #forKyle

Grace-Ifelola- Passing out at the football game

Alexa Garner-Going to my 6th period lunch every day junior year and sitting with the best group of people I’ve ever met. We created a lot of memories

Haper Mulkey- Getting to leave

Averee Tipton- Chloe refusing to wear a makes because covid is just “The Democrats”

Haliey Crumpton-The people in Ponder High School have made me into the person I am today. Gracie, Harper, Chloe, and Averee have been the for each other for all of the big moments of leaving elementary, to the awkward years of Junior High, to now graduating High school friendships taht will last a lifetime with Jada, Hailey, Keely, Luke, Kenzie, and Marlee.

Alexandria Washburn-After football games, all my friends would hangout at Whataburger or someone, eveyone in those moments, always dreading the thought that we weren’t going to have many more moments like these.

Caitlyn Brown-State Cross Country and my two year on the Drill Team.

Gracie Perryman-The weekends

Kobe Martin-Graphic design in sophmore yeear with Ethan and Claire

Dallas Howard-Every moment with the drill team, especially football games

Alejandra Martinez-Meeting Mrs. J because she had great impact in my life

Trent Bellows-Getting to know Mrs.Shelton

Braidyn Burr-Freshmen year, the PHS softball team went to playoffs

Payslee Meroney- Leaving PHS

Faith Skelly-Ditching the prom with my friend and going bowling instead

John Sweeden- Going to the girls basketball playoff games with the boys

Gabriele Taitano-Coming into Mrs. J’s room and ranting to her about anything and everything

Sydne Jones-My most memorable time at PHS was when me and Lilly were passing a five-dollar bill back and forth because I paid for her a drink at Bev’s and she wanted to pay me back but I wouldn’t let her so she would hide it in places like my car or my backpack. The best part though was when she had Mrs. Beer call me to the office just to give me an envelope with the five dollars in it and seeing Lilly grinning at me with a huge smile when I got to tutorials that day. Also when me, Alexa, and Lilly would play scattergories and UNO in tutorials with coach Threadgill.