Fine Arts Banquet Recap

Fine Arts Banquet Recap

Kelli Muncy, Reporter

This April, our Fine Arts Department successfully hosted a banquet for all Fine Arts Students (Band, Choir, and Drill Team). Despite Covid Restrictions, they were able to rent out the banquet hall at Robson Ranch while following Covid Guidelines. Each department gave out awards for excellent performances by students. The recipients were as followed:


1st Chair Award: Nick Nyugen

Leadership Award: Thomas DeLange

John Philip Sousa Award: Jordan Roberts

(The John Philip Sousa Award is the highest award given in band for students who have excelled in musical performance)


Region Choir: Bodi Gill and Rachel Boyd

Students who received 1st divison on a Class 2 solo: Addison Pickering, Haley Voelkel, and Destiny Wolf

Students who received a 1st division on a Class 1 solo: Yaya Alvarez, Rachel Boyd, Synphanie Dennis, Bodi Gill, and Eleanor Larson

National School Choir Award: Jordan Roberts and Matthew Best

Drill Team: 

Rookie of the Year: Addison Pickering

Veteran of the Year: Destiny Wolf

Director’s Choice: Caitlyn Brown

Miss Legacy: Dallas Howard

Caitlyn Brown also received a scholarship from the Booster Club