Nobody – Movie Review


Jerrett Deweber

Beware minor spoilers. This action movie kind of reminds me of John Wick, but the character is played as someone who is supposed to be a nobody. It’s about a man failing to protect his family from burglars in his house. He felt like he let his family down so he goes on a path of revenge.

This revenge got him even more trouble as he killed an important man, which leads to him being hunted down. It was very action packed and had lots of amazing fight scenes spread throughout the whole movie which just made it that much better. The moves he pulled out in the movie felt like it was a video game rather than a movie.

The movie felt like it was a fantasy about standing up against a world that is always making us small and powerless, and taking control. Is it something to strive for? Not like this, obviously, but it is cathartic to watch someone else do it. And do it very, very well.