Spotlight with Jay Sweeden


Grace Odunaiya, reporter

Welcome to the spotlight with the one and only Jay Sweeden or what most people know him as Jayeazy, JJ, or just Sweeden. Jay has been at Ponder for about three years now and since then he feels like the town of Ponder need a statue of him in the middle of the town, while also being at Ponder he grown to like some of the teachers you could say he may have some favorites like Mrs. J, Mrs Murphy, Mrs. Carroll, and Mrs. Yeager. If you don’t see Jay out on the field playing his favorite sport,  football , Watching NFL which happens to be his favorite tv show, or trying to learn how to play the gutair, which is something he wish he knew how to do you can most likely find him at a party with his friends or beating them all in madden, when he’s not hanging out with his friends you can probably find him watching his favorite movie Pineapple Express with his favorite animal his puppy Smokey. Even though Jay loves football and at some point he did want to be a NFL football player, well now he has no idea what he wants to be but at least he knows if he ever won the lottery he would buy a pet monkey. Since Jay doesn’t know what he wants to do that gives time to do the first thing at the top of his bucket list which is pet a kangaroo in Australia, Jay would describe himself as a very goofy person which explains why his favorite actor is Kevin Hart who is also very goofy, though our school colors are red and white, Jay would rather have it be blue and white, since blue is his favorite color and rather being named Jay he would like his name to be Nick O’ teen instead ,now instead of jay going to far to actually go on a trip, he would rather take a trip to Trey’ grandmas house becuase he is hungry. He would be out of luck though if he ended up on a deserted island though he would want to have Terrance around to make him laugh and he would like to have some girls, a fan and water with him and Terrance too. last thing of all if Jay had to pick someone to give a quote about to sum up his personality it would Mrs. J and her quote is Jay Sweeden came into my life two years ago, and I believe that new people coming into your life are either a blessing or a lesson.  But with Jay, I think he is a little bit of both!