Senior Spotlight with Nick Nguyen


Carlos Ochoa, reporter

Nick Nguyen ,or as his friend Sarah would call him, Ninguini has been in Ponder for 4 years. In those 4 years his favorite teacher would have to be Mrs.J. Something I’m sure y’all didn’t know is that if Nick had the chance to change his name he would want it to be  Eric. In his own words he described himself as a quite and chill person. You can catch Nick taking a bite at either BJs or Chick-fil-a after a long afternoon of playing Tennis. A couple of things you probably didn’t know about Nick is that his favorite color is pastel blue, favorite animals are dogs especially akitas and shibas, his favorite movie is either Jumanji (the new one) or the Star Wars -the entire series, his favorite tv shows are The Office and Medical Police, he wished he knew how to do more tricks on a skateboard, his favorite singer/band are  Bryce Vine and  Post Malone and his most prized possession is his imaginary PC. When Nick isn’t busy he likes to develop games and create 3D models. A career he wanted to be when he was younger was to be a biomedical engineer, but as he’s gotten older he has changed that idea to a game developer designer, designer, 3D modeler, artist, graphic designer and a video editor. Sometimes we need a break and if he could take a trip anywhere he would want to go to Tokyo, Japan. If by any chance Nick was stuck in a deserted island he would want Tate McRae with him and three things he would want is a beach house with basic house appliances in it, food and water. That’s a smart choice if you asked me. You are very lucky if you win the lottery, but if that chance ever came to him he would give some of the money to his family so that they can retire and not have to work anymore, along with moving to California or Austin and buying his dream house. When asked what he wished Ponder had or something that was missing Nick responded with “a boba tea shop.”

Have a good senior year Nick!