Lilly Keck – Senior Spotlight


Jerrett Deweber

Meet Lilly Keck. She has attended Ponder for 13 years, and intends on becoming a forensic pathologist after school! If she could change her name, she wouldn’t, she likes her name as it is. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is to watch movies, and when she was younger she always dreamed of becoming a queen. One thing that’s on her bucket list is a Colorado trip with all her friends at the end of the school year, and if she were to win the lottery she would build her mom a new house. If anyone were to sum up Lilly’s personality it’d be Cassidy Norris, and one word that describes her would be “sociable”. Her grandfather is someone she looks up to in her life.  If she could bring anything with her on a deserted island it’d be a boat, a medkit, and an unbreakable fishing pole to survive and be able to get a steady food source. Lilly wishes to go on vacation in Scotland so she could visit the castles. When asked what she’d change about Ponder High School, she said she would add either a dance hall or a swim center. Some of her favorite things are eating CiCi’s pizza while watching her favorite show Bones. Her favorite animal is a tortoise and her favorite teacher is Coach Threadgill. Thank you Lilly for showing us a glimpse into your life.