Senior Spotlight with Cameron Carroll


Gabriele Taitano, Reporter

Cameron Carroll has been a Ponder Lion for 11 years. In those 11 years Mrs. Hacker has made a huge impact in his life and has become by for one f his favorite teachers. You will often hear people call him Cam or if you are ever around his mom you may hear her say Bubba Gump. Cam has wished he was able to ride a bull, travel to Hawaii, with his hats of course (his most prized possession), and become a Texas Game Warden, lets hope his dreams come true one day. On a Friday night you can catch him at Torchy’s Tacos getting a bite to eat with some friends or roping a roping dummy. If you don’t catch him there he is probably at home watching Yellowstone, American Sniper, football, or anything that has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Cam’s favorite color is teal, his favorite animal is a free-spirited horse, and his favorite band/singer is George Strait or Pecos & the Rooftops. If Cameron was ever to get deserted on a deserted island with only a football, a rope, and a roping dummy he hopes he would be stuck with Dwayne Johnson. Speaking of chances if Cam was to ever win the lottery the very first thing he would buy is a Ford F-150 King Ranch. The one word that describes him would be WARNING! As you get older and grow up dreams change, one dream of his that changed was what he wants to be when he graduates. When he was younger he wanted to be a tow trick driver and now he wants to be a Texas Game Warden. The one thing he wishes PHS/Ponder had was a Chick-fil-A. His dad, his role model, was able to come up with a quote that summed up his personality and it was, “Humble and helpful and when the tough gets tough I’m here for you”.