Evan VanAtta is Shining into 2021


Grace Odunaiya, Reporter

Welcome Evan VanAtta to the spotlight.  He has been at Ponder for about 3 1/2 years, and the one thing he feels Ponder is missing is a doctor’s office (medical-not dental).  While in school, Evan has enjoyed his classes and seeing Mrs. Josselet, his favorite teacher.  One word that describes Evan is ambitious, which would explain his desire to be a doctor.  Even when he was young, he was ambitious and wanted to be an astronaut.  Even though Evan is ambitious, he does know the benefits of relaxing.  When he relaxes, he likes to watch favorites like Interstellar, Glow, or just bingeing on Netflix.  For a meal he likes to go to Margarita’s in Justin.  You might see him lifting weights or rollerblading trying out some new moves.   Some things he would really love to do are meet Samuel L. Jackson, see his favorite band, Saint Motel, or take a trip to India.  If he won the lottery, he wouldn’t waste it but would instead invest it in his education.  Evan said he would change his name to Andrew if his brother hadn’t already claimed that name, so he will just stick to Evan.  If he was ever stranded on a deserted island, he would like to have Gordon Ramsey along for duration, along with food, a working radio, and flint to boil water.  I bet Chef Ramsey could whip up a culinary delight even on a deserted island!  One thing you may not know about Evan is that he is a bit of a risk taker, and he would love to take a risk and try skydiving.  His most prized possession is a model heart which makes sense for a future doctor.  Some things he loves are boxing, the color blue, and geese (his spirit animal).  Evan’s stepdad is his role model and who Evan looks to for advice.  Have a great senior year, Evan or should we say, Dr. VanAtta!