Senior Spotlight with Kobe Martin


Sabra Smith, Reporter

Meet Kobe Martin, also known as K-Mart, Kobe has attended Ponder for the past 12 years, and intends on graduating to become a railway conductor! But if he could change his name, he would change it to Miller! His favorite thing to do in his free time is to work on trucks, and when he was younger he always dreamed of being a lawyer, but as he grew older his desires changed. The biggest thing that sits on the top of his bucket list, would be to go see the Aztec ruins, and if he were to win the lottery he would buy all of the necessity’s, like a house! If anyone were to sum up Kobe’s personality it would be his father; one word to describe Kobe is stone. Although he’d have to say his biggest role model is Brad Pitt! If he could bring anyone with him on a deserted island it would be Bear Grylls, along with a hatchet, a flashlight, and a sleeping bag, to survive. Kobe wishes to take a vacation to Jamaica after heĀ  graduates with his prized possession, his truck. When asked what he would change about Ponder, he said add a cemetery, because he would never be buried in Krum. Some of his favorites things are eating Chili’s while listening to HARDY, his favorite animal is a Tiger, and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Hacker. Thank you Kobe for sharing with us a peak in your life!