Shining Like a Star with Taylor Wells


Grace Odunaiya, Reporter

Let’s all welcome Taylor Wells to the senior spotlight, or we could call her Sage, which is what she would want to change her name to if she could.  Taylor has been at Ponder for 13 year, and during her time at PHS, she has come to favor Mrs. Crider and Mr. Lankford whom she will miss a lot after graduation. Taylor loves cross country, and made it to state this year, which is why it is her favorite sport.  When she isn’t running or in training, she likes to relax baking, hanging out with friends, or with Chase Taylor.  She loves to watch FriendsThe Peanut Butter Falcon, or listen Morgan Wallen’s music.  For a night out, she might catch a bite at Olive Garden and given some free time, head to the zoo to catch a glimpse of her favorite animal, the giraffe.   Taylor wishes she knew how to play the guitar and that there were more social events available at PHS like dances and intramural sports.  When Taylor was young, she wanted to be a hair stylist, but now wants to style homes instead as an interior designer.  She plans to pursue this at college, and maybe then pursue her #1 bucket list item of traveling.   She would love to go to Fiji- can we come?  If she ever ended up on a deserted island, she said she would need her Dr. Pepper, her brother, her dogs, and a radio.  She has her mom for a role model, and what more could any girl ask for?  As a lottery winner, Taylor would buy a big farm house, perhaps in her favorite color of light blue.  Taylor describes herself as amiable, which is having a friendly manner. If you see her in the hallway, you know you can count on her for a friendly smile and for her to have her bible with her which is her most prized possession.  Have a great senior year, Taylor!