Senior Spotlight w/ Kyle Vise


Sabra Smith, Reporter

 Kyle Vise, aka Fogger,  has gone to school in Ponder for the past 13 years. Wow, that’s crazy! Kyle’s favorite actor is Dwayne Johnson, and his favorite show is The Umbrella Academy, and his favorite movie is The Incredibles. You can find Kyle listening to his favorite music by, Dababy, while playing tennis. His favorite animal is a white tiger and his favorite color is red. If he could learn to do anything it would be to drive a manual car. He loves to eat at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria! When asked where he would take a trip to he answered Italy, although if he didn’t have a choice and was stranded on an island, he would bring food, water, and a yacht with Elon Musk. But he’d have to leave his most prized possession; his computer, behind. One word to describe Kyle is determined. His biggest role model is his father, who is very honorable. When Kyle was much younger he wanted to be a CEO, but now he wants to be a Real estate investor. At the top of his bucket list rests being able to buy his dad one of his dream cars. That’s priceless!! When asked what he would change about Ponder if he could, he responded with, “ adding an ice cream shop,” I would agree with that one, Kyle! Congratulations to making it this far Kyle, and thank you for showing us a snippet of your life! We wish the best of luck to you and hope you have a wonderful senior year!!