Senior Spotlight with Braidyn Burr


Gabriele Taitano, Reporter

Braidyn Burr, or B, has attended Ponder for 13 years and within those outstanding years she has grown close to Mrs. Wallum. As she has grown up over the years, so have her dreams; not only does she want to learn sign language, but she also  went from wanting to be a physical therapist to a forensic investigator. You can always count on her relaxing after a long day by watching Dexter, Footloose, or even a softball game. If she isn’t up to that she is probably grabbing a bite to eat at BJ’s, painting while listening to Luke Bryan, or watching anything Zac Efron stars in. If B ever got the chance to change her name she would love to change it to Evie. Speaking of chances if she was to ever get deserted on an island with only food, a fuzzy blanket, and her phone she hopes that she would be stranded with America Jiminez. One day Braidyn hopes to travel to Iceland, not without her phone of course or how else would she take those memorable pictures. Her favorite color is blue, her favorite animal is an adorable goofy Giraffe, and if she were to win the lottery she would first go buy a sweet little kitten. B is an outgoing person who looks up to her mom who has helped her grow up to be the amazing and hardworking person she is today. The one thing she wishes PHS had was a wider selection of language choices to learn. America Jiminez was able to give us a quote that sums up Braidyn’s personality and it is, “She’s on something.”