Ponder Falls to Paradise; Celebrates Seniors


Jerrett Deweber

Last Friday was the very last game of the season, and it was also senior night for anyone involved in sports this season. So a big shout out to all the seniors for making Ponder proud for all these years. 

The game wasn’t as fun though, we lost big to the Panthers letting them into the playoffs after a huge playoff drought of over a decade. We didn’t play to our standards and definitely didn’t show our division how you’re supposed to play football. We lost 14-51, but we at least had a few bright spots after the loss. Some highlights of the season were as follows: 

  • Most Rushing Yards in a season – 1,238 (Clark) 
  • Most Rushing TD’s in a season – 14 (Clark & Taylor)
  • Most Rushing Yards in a career – 2,246 (Clark)
  • Most carries in a career – (Clark)
  • Most Rushing TD’s in a career – 25 (Taylor)
  • Longest Fumble return – 85 yards (Carroll)