Senior Spotlight with Gracie Perryman


Mrs. Josselet

Gracie Perryman, or Gwacie, has attended Ponder schools her whole life, and while many teachers have influenced her, Coach Espolt is one who has made the biggest impact. Even though her friends affectionally call her, “Gwacie”.   Gracie is known for her prowess on the volleyball court because that is her favorite sport and what she loves to do.  However, she really wishes she could sing and dance (calling Mrs. Rose and Ms. DeHart!).  You might see Gracie sporting her favorite colors purple and pink in the halls of PHS or listening to Lil’ Baby, Bryson Tiller, or Polo G while doing her schoolwork.  When she has some free time, she likes to spend it hanging out with friends doing”school appropriate” things like eating at Sonic, watching her favorite movie The Hangover, or her favorite TV shows, Friends or That 70’s Show with her favorite “hot” actor Ashton Kutcher.  Gracie would love to go on a camping trip in Colorado with her friends, and perhaps make it a road trip in most prized possession, her car with her subwoofers.  Gracie, who describes herself as tan sometimes, would be right at home on a deserted island with her favorite animal x 3- her dogs, some contacts, her swimsuit, and mouthwash because no one wants bad breath on a deserted island!  Something Gracie would like to do someday is swim with the sharks, in a protective cage of course.  When she was little she wanted to grow up to be Barbie, but since that is impossible, she is going to set her sights on becoming an ophthalmologist.  And on the subject of her dream profession, if she won the lottery, Gracie would use that money to pay for college.  Gracie, like many girls, looks up to her dad, and is probably a daddy’s girl which so many of us are!  While Gracie has loved her time here at PHS, she really wishes the school had more traditions.  Have a great senior year, Gracie!