Burning Bright with Caitlyn Brown


Grace Odunaiya, reporter

Caitlyn Brown, or Cait, has been attending Ponder schools for ten years.  She has come to love golf, tennis, and drill team while at Ponder, and has enjoyed her time with her favorite teacher, Mrs. Bieler.   One thing Caitlyn would like to see at PHS is soccer, and she would really love to learn how to skateboard.  She is quite busy with school and extracurricular activities, but when she isn’t, she likes to watch Pretty Little Liars or The Blind Side, cooking, watching her favorite actress Jennifer Aniston, or listening to some Brett Young .  Someday Caitlyn would like to head to the Bahamas for a vacay where the water is quite possibly her favorite color, teal.  She would also like to have a chinchilla someday which is her favorite animal.  Caitlyn looks up to Mrs. Rose, her drill team coach, as a role model, and also her parents who have taught her to be the organized young lady she is today.  She said if she won the lottery, she would invest it, which would definitely make her parents proud.    If Cait ever ended up on a deserted island, she would hope to have a jetski, a comfy bed, and a large fridge.   Unlike many students, her most prized possession isn’t her phone, but a necklace, which is a nice change.  Caitlyn said she wouldn’t change her name but maybe the spelling could be different.   Two things she would love to do are skydive and meet Jennifer Aniston someday.  Maybe she can skydive with Jennifer! When Caitlyn was young, she wanted to be a veterinarian, but now has decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and become an attorney.  Have a great year, Caitlyn!