Senior Spotlight with Jordan Roberts


Kelli Muncy, Reporter

This week we shine the spotlight down on Jordan Roberts! Jordan (also known as Stick) has been attending Ponder for 9 years, and within those years she has grown very fond of Ms. Davis and Mrs. J. You may have spotted her wandering the band hall, jamming out to her favorite band, Shinedown. On a Friday night, you may catch her performing in the marching band at the football games. When she was younger, Jordan assumed she would be working in a cubicle, but now her dream is to become a famous drummer and have everyone positively know her name.  If ever deserted on an island, the three things she would want is a fire starter, a machete, and a radio. Jordan wouldn’t need company, as long as she had her boombox, she could get through anything. Some interesting facts about Jordan are that her favorite color is blue, her role model is Barry Kerch, her most prized possession is her signed drum stick, and the word she would describe herself as is “loud”. If she could make any improvements to Ponder’s curriculum, it would be to have a music theory class. Have an amazing year Jordan!