Senior Spotlight with Harper Mulkey


Sabra Smith, Reporter

Meet Harper Mulkey, or as her friends call her, Harpie the fine tip sharpie! Harper has attended here at Ponder for the past 13 years, geez girl, you could say she’s a bit of a hometown girl. When we asked her what she’d change her name to, she answered, “nothing, my name is the best.”  If Harper could learn to do anything it would be simple math. Her favorite actress is Jennifer Anniston, which makes sense why her favorite TV show is Friends. She loves to watch Pretty Woman,  while laying in her most prized possession; her memory foam bed. Some of her favorite things are ping pong, snails, Tyler Childer’s music, and the color white! I’d say that makes her pretty simple and fun. The teacher that’s had the biggest influence on her in Ponder High School is definitely Coach Espolt, leaving her biggest role model to be her mother. If she was deserted on an island, she says she’d want Chuck Norris, Wifi, a hot tub, and flat screen TV. But if she got to choose a place to go to, she’d go to Pluto. I’m sure she will go to many different places though, because the top thing on her bucket list is traveling! And if she won the lottery, she’d move to Italy. One word to describe Harper is overdramatic, but if she had any one else say something to sum up her personality, she’d have Averee Tipton say something. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is sleep, and the one thing she feels that’s missing in our town is a Sonic.  When Harper was a little girl all she wanted was to be an artist, but as we know some dreams change as we grow older, now Harper aspires to be a pediatrician, helping little kids in need. Good luck Harper, we hope your senior year is great!