Senior Spotlight with Alex Weiland


Gabriele Taitano, Reporter

Alex Weiland has been a Ponder Lion for 4 years, and within those years Mrs. Hacker has become one of his favorite teachers. Alex, who you may also have heard goes by Wild Man Alex, wishes to one day be able to read. You could catch him getting a bite to eat at Taco Bell, if you don’t catch him there you can catch him watching Hot Rod, Spongebob, or even a basketball game. In his free time Alex enjoys playing Minecraft with the “bois”, listening to Lil Uzi Vert, or even watching a few movies that Adam Sandler has starred in. If he had the chance to change his name he would want it to be changed to Steve. Speaking of chances, is he was to get lost on a deserted island, he would hopefully have a hatchet, a water filter, and matches, and of course he would want Wilson(from Castaway) to be there if he was stranded. Wild Man Alex’s favorite color is red, and his favorite animal is a small delicate earth worm. He dreams of traveling to Fiji one day, and to meet Lebron James and show him his jump shot. Alex looks up to Russell Westbrook, who has inspired him a lot in basketball. One thing that hasn’t changed for Alex was what he wants to do after graduation, and that is to become a firefighter, just like his dad. The one and only word that is able to describe Alex is “thicc” which I think anyone who has met him could agree on. The day Alex gets lucky is the day he wins the lottery and is able to buy a brand new F-150 with his winnings. What he feels that Ponder is missing is a Taco Bell.  Have a great senior year, Alex!