Shining the Spotlight on Aaron Stephens


Grace Odunaiya, reporter

Aaron Stephens, or A-A-Ron, has been at Ponder for 4 years, and during his time at PHS, he has enjoyed his classes with Miss Davis, his favorite teacher.  He is a “jubilistic” person according to him, although he may have to define that for you.  He has also been quite active in cross country because his favorite sport is running, but he would really love to learn karate.  In his free time, Aaron likes to watch Creed, anything with Tom Cruise, or Friends.  Some days he likes to go to the aquarium and hang out with the sting rays, his favorite animal.  After some time with the rays, he might head over to Chick Fil A or Olive Garden for a meal with family or friends, his favorite thing to do. He would love to see a Chick Fil A in Ponder, but who wouldn’t?! Aaron likes his name, but if he did change it, it would be to Adam.  If stranded on a deserted island, Aaron definitely would want to have Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, with him, along with a boat, captain and a map.  I guess they would only be stranded as long as they chose to be with those items!  He might also have his most prized possession with him- his sunglasses.  They could definitely come in handy in a tropical setting.  At one time, Aaron dreamed of being Dr. Stephens, but not has chosen to be a physical therapist after graduation.  Enjoy your senior year, Aaron!