Ponder’s Down in the Dumps After Loss to Pilot Point


Jerrett Deweber

Last Friday night was the biggest game of the season, and it was also the saddest as the score was 18-13 Pilot Point. It was an amazing game nonetheless, we started with the ball first, but fumbled in our red zone on kickoff. On their first play they ran it, and we stripped the ball but their tackle was right behind to scoop it up and score. We weren’t going to let that define the game though as when we got the ball back we forced our way into the end zone off of a 11 play drive that ended with a run to the pylon by Chase Taylor. Pilot Point got the ball back and scored off a seven yard run by #21, their feature back. Then we got the ball back and drove and pounded on them for 5 minutes and 12 plays for a 2 yard score by Terrance Clark. Pilot Point couldn’t do much the rest of the half because our defense was too much for them to handle.

The score was 13-12 and Ponder is up, Pilot Point gets the ball at the start of the second half. This is the game that decides if we have a strong chance of making the playoffs or maybe making the playoffs. We have to get a win or our whole season is in jeopardy, and we all played our butts off to try and make that happen. 

When Pilot Point got the ball back they barely got any first downs as they punted in 5 plays and 4 plays in back to back drives. We drove for 20 plays on our first drive, we couldn’t score but we ran a WHOLE 10 MINUTES off the clock in just that one drive!!! Pilot Point couldn’t do anything with the ball either as they fumbled on our side of the field, we got the ball but couldn’t do anything either as we got a 4 and out late in the game. We punted the ball to them and they set up around the 50 yard line, they haven’t passed much all game so it caught us off guard when they did on their first play. Our right deep third zone wasn’t there so he threw to a wide open receiver down the field for a touchdown that ended up winning them the game. 

This game was hot-blooded and emotional, just because we lost this game doesn’t mean we won’t fight to win our next two against Bowie and Paradise.