Senior Spotlight with Tommy Norwood


Sabra Smith, Reporter

Meet Thomas Norwood, or as most of us know him, Tommy! Tommy has attended Ponder for the past 11 years, but if it came down to it, he wouldn’t hesitate to ditch this town for a nice vacation in Oahu, where he would surf the biggest waves. When asked who he would bring on a deserted island with him, he answered, ‘A hot chick.’ Very clever Tommy! On this island if he could bring three things he would bring, a surfboard, a leash, and a rash guard. However, being stranded aside, his most prized possession is his guitar, and if he could learn to do anything new, it would be to base jump. His favorite actor is Charlie Day and his favorite TV show is, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Norwood loves the sport, surfing, and his favorite color is blue. In his high school career the teacher that’s had the greatest impact on his life is Mrs. Youssef. Tommy’s favorite animal is a dog, his favorite music would be Juice WRLD, and he loves to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings!! With the variety he has going on, it’s kinda hard to pinpoint his personality! He’s definitely a wise and unique kaleidoscope of color with a lot of wit, that’s for sure! If Tommy could change his name to anything he would change it to Danny. One word to describe our friend Tommy would be congenial, and if he chose someone else to describe him, he would ask the one and only, Mrs. Youssef. But his biggest role model will still always be his older brother Sam. Tommy’s future goals are to become a mechanical engineer, although when he was much younger he wanted to be an NBA player. This business minded man said he’d save all of his money… if he won the lottery! I’d say that’s a lot more impulse control than most of us could bare! His favorite thing to do in his free time is to play the guitar, and one thing he wishes this school had more of is people.

This just in…Tommy was just accepted to Texas A & M University!!!  Way to go, Tommy!!  Gig ‘Em, Aggies!