Senior Spotlight with Riley Jackson


Sabra Smith, reporter

Our sweet, kind, firecracker Riley Jackson, or as most of us call her, Ry, has been attending Ponder for the past 13 years ever since kindergarten. This bright and fun loving girl is one of Ponder’s REAL OG’s! Our amazing basketball star; and now our schools new kicker for the football team’s, favorite colors are turquoise and black. If you ever find her in front of a tv screen you might find her watching her favorite movie or show, Mamma Mia, and Pretty Little Liars. Her favorite stars of the screen are Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Downey Jr., and Meryl Streep; this tells us so much about our her sense of humor! When Riley was asked what her favorite animal was she told us, dogs, bears, cows, gorillas, and wolves, I guess that would explain why this animal lover wanted to be a veterinarian at the end of her kindergarten graduation. Apparently not much has changed, although her career choice has switched, her love for animals has not, Riley says she’s going to college to be a Zoologist. If Ry won the lottery she would use that money to pay for college and to INVEST. I’d say her choice is a lot wiser than some of ours! Her most prized possession is the shark sticker on her car, and the top thing on her bucket list is to go and sky dive. If Riley could change anything about herself she’d change her name to Emerson, and learn how to french braid her own hair. Her favorite singer is Lil Peep, her go to restaurant is Blue Ginger, and the teacher that’s made the greatest impact on her is Miss Davis. Along with Miss Davis, some of her greatest role models are her parents and Emily McLarty. When we asked Riley who she would want on a deserted island with her and what three things she’d want to bring she told us this, ” I would bring Bear Grylls, the Twilight Saga, some sweet tea, and my dogs.” Although if she wasn’t just randomly deserted and she had a choice in the matter, she says her dream trip would be to go back to Southeast Asia.  One word to describe Riley Jackson, is passionate, and if we were to ask someone to give a quote summing up her personality, Bradly Andrews would be her pick. The one thing she believes is missing in our school is open-mindedness and inclusion, something we all could lean on. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with the people that are important and closest to her. Thank you Riley for sharing a piece of you with us and being a light in Ponder!