Bonfire with a Twist


The football homecoming is always a memorable event for the PHS students, staff, and parents.  However this year promised to be unforgettable as many of the activities were changed by the dreaded COVID-19.  The hall decorating contest, which is always a lot of fun, was canceled.  Dress up days continued with masks of course.  And of course nothing will stop the football game or the coronation ceremony.  The bonfire however was uncertain at first.  But the administration made it happen with safety protocols.   Everyone had to sit on the visitors side, the students athletes were all on the field, and viewing the bonfire was going to be a distant viewing.  Everyone remained in the stands this year as opposed to gathering around the bonfire in years past.  But that didn’t stop the school spirit from flying high, and everyone having a great time.  So even though some things have had to change this year due to COVID-19, at least some traditions remain.