Another Win!


Kaylee Patterson, reporter

Our Lady Lions are on a roll! They’ve won another game, the scores being 19 – 25, 25 – 23, 25 – 16, and 25 – 23! We’re very proud of our Lady Lions for all the hard work they’ve put into these games!

Harper Mulkey and Cordie Ford are on the top of our stat list once again, but who’s surprised! Ford takes the lead with twenty-one kills and seventeen digs! Mulkey is right behind her with eighteen kills, nineteen digs, and two aces! However, everyone did amazing and worked just as hard! Averee Tipton has four kills, twenty-one digs, and forty-seven assists under her name! Devyn Weiland has a total of seventeen digs under her name as well! Of course, we won’t forget about Gracie Perryman and Sawyer Mulkey! Gracie has four aces, two kills, one block, and nineteen digs under her name! Sawyer made eight kills, three digs, and one block as well!

Again, we are so proud of our Lady Lions and all their hard work!