See You At The Pole


As most of you know today’s See You At The Pole event began early this morning at 6:50, in front of the high school flagpole. For those of you that aren’t aware, See You At The Pole is a National day of prayer, where our country comes together in prayer for our schools, students, administrators, staff, and the community. It is our American right to have freedom of religion/beliefs; and many students, parents, teachers, attend this event at the pole to express that. The See You at the Pole event doesn’t in any way violate the separation of church and state law.  In fact, both teachers and students are allowed to pray at this event, it was a right affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2006. Of course you may not encourage or discourage other students to do so, but nothing is stopping you from freely expressing yourself! Originally this holiday was created when a small group of young teenagers from Burleson, Texas came together for a Disciple Now weekend in 1990. Little did these girls know many would be inspired by their bravery, thus following in their footsteps and creating a whole entire movement. In the chaos of this world I believe it’s important for many that are Christians to know that there’s both a time and place for you to express yourself, and you shouldn’t ever be forced to hide what you believe. As some of us celebrate this day that represents breaking the walls of division, and joining together in unison of both prayer and revival, we all gladly thank our school and administration for giving us the opportunity to do so, and speak on the things we love. Thank you Ponder boys and girls that were so brave to speak this morning in front of the audience gathered around the school, and thank you to Pastor Chris and all of His church friends for leading this lovely small town tradition! May our memories and traditions continue on even with the chaos of Covid-19! Let’s all try to lift each other up regardless of our beliefs.