Senior Spotlight: Alexa Garner


Melody Derden/Mrs. J, reporter

Alexa Garner, or Lexi, has been going to Ponder for 11 years and plans on being a videographer after she graduates.  Alexa describes herself as strong willed which would come in handy in her chose profession of a videographer. When she was younger she wanted to be an author and then a service dog trainer, both of which a strong will is needed.  She would love to learn how to cook and maybe take a road trip to Colorado with her friends after high school, although a trip to South Korea would be ideal.  When Alexa has free time, she might watch something starring her favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Robin Williams, her favorite show, The Office, or her favorite movie, Moulin Rouge.   High school can be very stressful for many, so Alexa can always turn to her role models, the k-pop group BTS, for some much needed music for unwinding.  Alexa and her bestie, Kenzie, can be found eating at any restaurant with chicken (that’s a lot of places!), perhaps traveling the world together upon winning the lottery,  and they would be fine stuck on a deserted island together as long as Alexa has her phone (with unlimited data), a blanket in her favorite colors of red, yellow, and pink, and a solar powered charger.   Alexa has a unique name in this day age thanks to the voice command Amazon AI also known as Alexa, so she would definitely be fine with changing her name to Dakota or Kota.   Alexa really enjoys watching volleyball and basketball, but not playing them.  She loves big dogs, and her favorite teacher is Coach Threadgill who is a big dog himself!