Senior Spotlight with Claire Porter!


Gabriele Taitano, Reporter

Claire has been a Ponder Lion for 12 years and in those memorable years she has grown fond of Mr. Haynes and Mrs. Yeager. Claire, who you may also hear called, Claire Bear, wishes to one day become a circus performer. You could catch her getting a bite to eat at 7 mile or even Chick-fil-A, and if you don’t catch her there you can probably catch her watching Criminal Minds, Mulan, Cabin in the Woods, or even a hockey game. In her free time Claire loves to go to the gym while she listens to One Direction or watch crime shows and maybe even a couple movies that Johnny Depp starred in. If she had the chance to change her name to any other name she would want it to be changed to Bethany and  be called Beth. Speaking of chances,  if she was to get lost on a deserted island, she would in hopes still have her sunglasses, her swimsuit, and her contact case with solution and of course Todd Porter ( her father ). Claire Bear’s favorite colors are yellow or sometimes light purple, and her favorite animal is a colorful and gorgeous peacock. She dreams to travel to Australia one day so she can marry the outstanding Robert Irwin, but not without her bright pink Birks, this would also cross off the first thing on her bucket list which would be to marry someone rich. Claire looks up to her dad,Todd Porter, who has made an enormous impact on her life over the years. One thing that has changed for Claire was what she wanted to be after graduation, when she was younger she wanted to be a detective. As she matured so did her dream job, now she would love to become a medical examiner. The one word that would describe Claire would be” skinty” which anyone would agree with. The day Claire gets lucky is the day she wins the lottery, and the first thing she would do with the money is treat herself to a nice vacation. What she feels Ponder High School needs most is dances because we lack memory making opportunities that will last us a lifetime. Siera Cypert was able to come up with a quote that summed up Claire’s personality and it was, “She is my mom.”