Jerret Dewebber in the Senior Spotlight


Carlos Ochoa, reporter

Jarebaer, also know as Jerret Dewebber, has been at Ponder for 14 years.  He likes to spend his free time playing video games as he’s eating food from his favorite restaurant Taco Bell, while having his precious dog beside him begging for some.A word he use to describe himself is quiet. Something you might not know about Jarret is that he does not know how to swim. If he won the lottery, a place he would like to travel to would be Paris and maybe even buy a house there. His favorite movie of all time is Spiderman, and his favorite tv show is That 70’s show. A little something on his bucket list would be going to college so he can accomplish his dream job to be physical therapist. His favorite singer is Future, his favorite actor is Will Smith and his favorite teacher at the high school is Mrs. Josselet known as Mrs. J. If he was stuck on a deserted island and had the chance to have anyone with he would choose Drew Lock and a few things he would take with him would be his bed to sleep well, a weapon do defend himself and of course some clothes to style himself with. Someone Jarret looks up to is Peyton Manning and if he could change his name to anything else it would be Mister Sexy.