Lady Lions vs. Aubrey


Kaylee Patterson, reporter

Our Lady Lions took on Aubrey six days ago on September fourth! Unfortunately, the Lady Lions fell a little short, the scores being 23 – 25, 19 – 25, 26 – 24, and 21- 25. But, there are more games coming up in the future, so they’ll have many opportunities to show their opponents who’s boss!

However, no one is surprised to hear that Cordie Ford and Harper Mulkey take the lead on our state list! The two managed to get a total of thirty-one kills and forty-six digs altogether, Ford getting ten of those kills and twenty-three of those digs. That leaves Mulkey with a total of twenty-one kills and twenty-three digs under her belt! The total number of digs made by the team as a whole totals out to be ninety-five. The total amount of kills as a team totals out to forty-six. Assisted attacks totaled out at a total of one hundred and seventy-two, one hundred and thirty-nine of which are under Averee Tipton’s name! Cordie had eleven of these attacks under her name as well, along with thirty-six attacks made without assistance! Mulkey takes the lead on these single attacks with a total of forty-nine. But, the team did very well with these attacks as the total number of them turned out to be one hundred and seventy-seven!

We’re all very proud of our Lady Lions for how they played, even if they didn’t come out on top. So even though we didn’t win this time, there will be many other games that we do win! Go Lady Lions!