Senior Spotlight with Gabriele Taitano


Grace Odunaiya, Reporter

Gabriele Taitano, has been a Ponder Lion for about 7 years,  and one thing she has dreamed about doing, is surfing. So hang ten dude! You probably don’t recognize her full name and that’s because most people call her Gabby which is of course her nickname. Gabby likes watching many people on the big screen, acting out their hearts, but her favorite actor to watch, is Johnny Depp.  Gabby  likes to chill out and to watch her favorite show, Dead to Me. Gabby might sometimes be in the mood to have a fun movie night, and  the movie she usually picks is The Labyrinth. Usually you see Gabby wearing a lot of dark colors,  even though her favorite color is Turquoise. One animal Gabby would most likely want as a pet is a White Fox, even though that could never be a pet it would still be fun to have around. Sometimes, being at school can be kind of boring unless you have a fun teacher around, like Mrs. Crider, which is Gabby’s favorite teacher.  Her favorite band is YNW Melly which she probably listens to  on her way to have favorite restaurant, Chilli’s. Gabby likes her name, but if she did change it, it would be to John. Now this is really an inside joke between her sister and her, one we will never know!  Eventually after Gabby graduates she would like to travel, and the first place she would like to see is Paris, France,  the city of love, with that Since Gabby is very naive (the word she uses to describe herself),  she might end up on deserted island somehow, but even if that did end up happening there is one person she would want to be on that island with – Shadow.  Gabby would bring food, first-aid kit, and a weapon to get them through their time on the island. One person Gabby will always looks up to her is grandmother.  Something that is really important to Gabby is her necklace that  she will always keep with her, even when she does the first thing at the top of her bucket list which is travel the world. Gabby’s decisions have changed over the years, like when she was younger, she wanted to be a veterinarian, but now she wants to be an obstetric sonographer. I’m pretty sure with that job, Gabby wouldn’t need to win the lottery, but just in case she did, she would help her family out. Gabby thinks one thing Ponder could use is a doctor’s office or a  Care Now.