Introducing Grace-Ifelola Odunaiya


Gabriele Taitano, Reporter

Grace, also known as Ducky, has attended Ponder for 14 years. After all these years if she was able to change her name it would be to Grace-ann, and the one thing she wishes she could do is skateboard and of course take a trip to Paris or New York. You could catch Grace on a Saturday night watching the show Friends or Lucifer, the movie The Lucky One, or being mesmerized by any movie and or show that Tom Ellis plays in or even making tik toks. Her favorite sport is dance, her favorite teachers are Mrs. J and Mrs. Crider, and she is fascinated with the color yellow and elephants. She loves to dine in at Chili’s whenever she can, I mean who wouldn’t. The one word in the whole English dictionary that would be able to sum up Grace would be crazy. If Grace was abandoned on a deserted island with Caitlyn she hopes they would have at least water, cash, and food to survive. Mrs. Rose takes the place as her role model while her stuffed animals take the role of being her most prized possessions in the world. Growing up Grace always dreamed of becoming a professional dancer, but as she got older her dreams changed and now she wants to be a film director making outstanding films for everyone to watch. The top of her bucket list is to find herself in life and personally. One thing she wishes Ponder High School had was bigger lockers. Lastly if she got lucky one day and won the lottery the first thing to do would be to buy gifts for other people she knows and cares about. How sweet of her!