Senior Spotlight with Sabra Smith!


Kelli Muncy, Reporter

Sabra Rose Smith, also known as “Sab Bob” has been attending Ponder for 14 years! In her spare time, you may find her at any good burger joint listening to her favorite artist Lauren Daigle. If not there, you may find her watching Friends or Andre. During her 14 years at Ponder, she has  come across her two favorite teachers Mrs. Cooper and Mr. Jonas.  If she ever were to be stuck on a deserted island her top items would be a Bible, water filter, and a strawberry pop tart, along with the Easter Bunny for company. If she had a chance to plan her dream vacation, she would insist on going on another mission trip to Haiti or India. Her greatest role model is her Nana, who she looks up to. In the future, Sabra’s goal is to become a cosmetologist so she can show her clients that true beauty comes from within. Another goal that she has is to run her own bee farm, which happens to take 1st on her bucket list! Congratulations Sabra, have a great senior year!