Cross Country Teams Become Front Runners


Aidan McDonald, reporter

On September 4th, the boys’ and girl’s cross country teams participated in the S&S meet.  The boys came away with 1st place and the girls took home second.  What a great showing for these two teams!  Places and times were as follows:
For the girls team:
Tate Wells, 13:41, 3rd place
Caitlyn Brown, 14:04, 4th
Taylor Wells, 14:24, 7th
Riley Jackson, 14:45, 10th
Karly Ivy, 15:59, 22nd
Kenzie Crider, 16:37, 29th
Jillian Roberts, 16:39, 30th
Kassi Ballard, 16:53, 31st
Ava Larson, 17:13, 37th
Marlee Moynagh, 18:03, 40th
Total of 34 pts.

For the boys team:
Hayden Moussa, 16:46, 1st
Aaron Stephens, 18:59, 6th
Connor Brown, 19:05, 7th
Timber Crider, 19:25, 12th
Tyler Akins, 19:26, 13th
Clay Akins, 19:49, 16th
Packard Smith, 20:02, 19th
Alex Weiland, 20:25, 21st
Leo Huerta, 20:38, 22nd
Alec Saltzman, 20:56, 23rd
Total of 39 pts.