Online Schooling- A Student’s Perspective


Kaylee Patterson, reporter

Virtual learning has started this year! And it’s helping us cut the numbers of students at school back so the staff can properly set up a social distancing system. But, this doesn’t mean that online learners don’t run into issues while learning.

Because online schooling is, well, online, there are a few issues that these students might or already have run into. These issues could include but are definitely not limited to, network/internet not working, assignments not turning in and losing your progress on said assignment, or just getting distracted while doing work because there are no rules in place to keep you on task. An example of one of these rules would be the ‘no phone’ rule our school has enforced. At home, you may not get your phone taken away and have to pay to get it back. But students aren’t the only ones having issues with this new form of learning!

Teachers are now having to balance between face to face learning and online learning. This could be confusing or just a little tricky for the teacher. They more likely do not have the patience to be tracking down who has or hasn’t turned in their face to face work and their online work. The teachers more likely aren’t used to teaching like this, and I’m certain they have many other issues they’re dealing with.

But, there are some good things that come from online schooling as well! Technically, you can work at your own pace and go about your schoolwork however you please. And, if you’re ever feeling stressed over your assignments, you can cuddle with a pet you may have to make it better! It’ll relieve stress and put you in a better mood for when you continue.

These are all valid pros and cons, but I’m sure we hope that next year we’ll all be back to normal schooling!