Dolittle Movie Review


Kylee Anderson, Reporter

Dr. John Dolittle was once quite the  star at one time. He has once recognized as the man who loved animals so much that he discovered how to communicate their language. In fact, Dolittle grew to become such a favorite of the Queen of England that she granted him his personal property and a vast, surrounding sanctuary full of animals. Many people started showing up on his doorstep to simply get his intelligent and insightful help with their problems. In fact, Dolittle was as much an animal psychologist as he was a veterinarian and medical doctor. His wife, Lily, died while off on a sea journey.  After she died everything in Dolittle’s life changed as he blamed himself for not trying to keep Lily from the dangerous journey. He is brought out of seclusion when he is summoned by the Queen.  When Dolittle and his group arrive at the royal home, what they discover there makes them desperate. The Queen has been harmed with the essence of a really uncommon and intriguing blossom. There was only one way to cure her; they must discover the natural product of the magical Eden Tree, the exceptional thing that Lily was looking for when she met her death.