Learn About Jose Ramirez

Gabriele Taitano, Reporter

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Jose Ramirez, also known as Francisco, has been attending Ponder for 7 1/2 years, and in those years he grown to favor Ms. Davis and her Spanish class. His favorite restaurant is El Matador and Cheddars while his favorite fast food is  Chick-fil-A. Francisco loves to jam out to Latin rap and Hip Hop music. His dream car is a Tesla and his dream vacation is to travel to the beach. The 5th Wave is his favorite movie, Criminal Minds is his favorite TV show, and Harry Potter is his favorite book. If he ever had the choice to be a superhero, he would want to be Captain America with the powers of teleportation, speed, and to have an invisibility cloak. “Despacito” is the theme song of his life and a snake is his spirit animal. If he could have dinner with any four people it would  be Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Cardi B, and Becky G. A few secrets he is willing to share is that he works at Cesar’s Tacos, he knows three languages, and he likes to travel.