Keelie Hobbs


Claire Porter, Reporter

Keelie Hobbs or KeeKee has attended Ponder schools for 13 years. When Keelie goes out to eat you might see her at Portifinos or Taco Casa with Billie Eilish, Evan Peters, Adam Sandler, and Tana Mongeau. When Keelie likes to relax and watch something on TV her favorite movie to watch is The Edge of Seventeen and her favorite show is Jane the Virgin. Keelie’s dream car is a red convertible mustang and while she’s driving around in her dream car she’ll be listening to her theme song “Watch” by Billie Eilish. If Keelie could be any superhero she would be Lava Girl and her superpower would be to read minds. Keelie’s dream vacation would be going to Washington D.C. where she might see a lot of squirrels, her spirit animal.