Learn About Teisa Tipton

Gabriele Taitano, Reporter

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Teisa Tipton has been attending Ponder for 13 years, in those years she has grown to favor former PHS band director, Mr. Carnley and the Band. Her favorite restaurant is Red Lobster while her favorite fast food is Chick-fil-A. When it comes to music,  she prefers musicals over anything. Her dream car is anything as long as it has wheels. She also wants to visit Hawaii for her dream vacation. Gremlins is her favorite movie, The Big Bang Theory is her favorite TV show, and Dear Evan Hansen is her favorite book. If she had the choice to be any superhero, she would want to be Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory with the power of invisibility. “Waving Through a Window” is her theme song and a sloth is her spirit animal. If she could invite any four people to dinner she would invite Ben Platt, Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Phillipa Soo. One secret she is sharing with us is that she was Chuck E Cheese.