Meet Westly Cassady


Kylee Anderson, Reporter

Westly Cassady, also known as West, has been at Ponder for 12 years. You might run into him at Whataburger or Cheddars listening to his favorite rock/rap song or even his theme song “Till I Collapse”. You also may see him on the road in his dream car a Stingray Corvette, while going to dinner with Julius Cesar, Alexander the Great, Sun Tzu, and David. He might be watching his favorite movie Return of the Jedi or his favorite show The Office or maybe even reading Red Storm Rising when he wants to relax. Westly’s favorite teacher at PHS is Mrs. J and his favorite class is History. If Westly could be a superhero he would be Captain America with the power of telekinesis. His dream vacation is to go to Europe and maybe find his spirit animal a deer. Have a great senior year, Westly!