Zach Perkins Shining in the Spotlight

Grace Odunaiya, reporter

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Welcome to the spotlight with Zachry Perkins, who usually goes by Zack.  He has been at Ponder for 14 years, and during this time, he has enjoyed his math and science classes.  He has also enjoyed learning from Mrs. J, Mr. Haynes, and Mrs. Bieler.  He likes to eat at Dominos or his kitchen, and after a nice meal, he might kick back with one of his favorite movies, Sky High or Nightmare on Elm Street.  Other things he likes to do in his free time are watch the TV show Legion or read The Magic Thief.   The dream car for Zack will be anything he can drive, and it can take him to his dream vacation- a place he can sleep.   For his superhero, he would like to be Billy Botcher and have the superpower of accessing anything in the universe any time.  His dinner companions for the ideal dinner would be Alex, Gabby, and Jeremy- his siblings.  His theme song is “Highway to Hell” but hopefully that isn’t describing his senior year! Have a great rest of the year, Zack!