Get to Know Brooklyn Parr

Gabriele Taitano, Reporter

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Brooklyn Parr, who also goes by Brookie Wookie Wants a Cookie, has been going to Ponder for the past 4 years. She loves eating at Spaghetti Warehouse and at Chick-fil-A. Her favorite type of music is hip-hop, her dream car is a 2019 Ford Mustang, and she would love to go to Hawaii. She likes to watch the movie John Wick and her favorite TV show is Stranger Things. Her favorite teachers are Mrs. J and Mrs. Wallum. If Brooklyn could be any superhero it would be Mind Reader Woman with the powers to read minds. The theme song of her life is “Wheels on the Bus” while her spirit animal is an elephant. The top four people she would invite to dinner would be: Tom Cruise, her crush, Madelyn Rippentrop, and Channing Tatum. Her secret is that she likes someone…shhh.