Senior Spotlight with Edgar Enrriquez

Grace Odunaiya, reporter

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Edgar Enrriquez, or Enrriquez, has been at Ponder for 11 years.  He loves to eat at Cheddars and then relax while watching or reading Lone Survivor or ICarly.  Edgar really enjoys Money Matters and counts Coach Dansby as his favorite teacher.  He would love to be Batman and have the ability to heal fast.  One day he hopes to make it to Los Cabos for a dream vacation.  Perhaps he will even tool around town in his dream car, a 2010 Camero 55 while jammin’ to “The Gummy Bear Song” which represents his life.   However to glimpse his spirit animal (other than at the zoo), he will have to travel elsewhere.  His dream dinner dates would be Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Lil Wayne, and Christian Bale.