Meet Colleen Haskell


Kylee Anderson, Reporter

Colleen Haskell, also known as Angel, has been a Ponder for 3 years. You might run into her at Olive Garden or Panda Express listening to her favorite rap music or her theme song “Shut Eye”. You also may see her on the road in her dream car a Jeep, while going to dinner with Suicide Boy$, and Lana Del Rey. She might be watching her favorite movie Riddick or her favorite show Stranger Things or maybe even reading Sunday’s at Tiffany’s by James Patterson when she wants to relax. Colleen’s favorite teacher at PHS is Mrs. Crider, and her favorite class is Forensic Science. If Colleen could have a superpower, she would have the ability to create anything from nothing. Her dream vacation is to go anywhere to see her spirit animal a wolf or a fox. Have a great senior year, Colleen!