Gage Eades

Claire Porter, Reporter

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Gage, or 20 Gage as Mr. Roberts dubbed him, has been going to Ponder since the 8th grade. When Gage goes out to eat you can catch him at Whataburger or Double Daves with his sister, uncle, mom, and dad. Gage’s dream car is a 2019 Dodge Dually, and while he’s driving around he’ll be listening to his theme song “Moon Over Mexico.” At school Gage’s favorite class is tutorials and his favorite teacher is Mrs.J. During his free time Gage will watch is favorite movie and show Goonies and NCIS or read his favorite book Evil Under the Sun. If Gage could have any super power, it would be to have infinite amounts of money. Gage’s dream vacation would be to Jamaica. Good luck on the rest of your senior year, Gage!